Isatisse is a fashion and illustration brand founded by Isabel Tong with the brand’s vision “Happiness is right here, right now, anytime you want it.” and mission “Embrace the beauty and joy amidst our stressful life.” The brand offers a wide variety of products, namely, clothing, fashion accessories, stationaries, soft furnishings, and art pieces. They are available for sale at CITA 602, PMQ H406 and different pop-up events and international tradeshows such as the Seoul Illustration Fair, Taiwan Creative Expo, and Tokyo Design Festa. Besides regular products and fashion collections, the brand has also participated in various projects and has collaborated with different artists/creative units, including Today at Apple, Eslite HK, APLF Leather and Material Fair, and Sanrio Hong Kong.

ISATISSE是ISABEL TONG建立的插畫品牌。 ISABEL 希望能在她的插圖和產品中展示<及時行樂> 的信念。 而ISATISSE的產品大多是圍繞著此信息,因為她相信,人們應該從緊張煩囂的生活裡找出樂趣與快樂。 ISATISSE的插圖主角眼袋女孩和她的朋友都懂得如何在忙碌的城市生活中享受人生。 該品牌提供各種產品,包括時裝,時裝飾物,生活小物及各式精品。你可在九龍灣CITA,中環PMQ 或不同的展覽場地找到ISATISSE的產品。ISABEL希望接觸這些產品後,讓大家感覺美好,會心微笑。 除了產品設計外,ISATISSE亦有和不同的機構及品牌合作。曾參與合作包括:Today at Apple, 誠品香港,APLF皮革展2019, 及SANRIO聯乘活動 。